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We Have A concealed Suspicion That This Dog Loves His mamma Most. you will see Why.

Sometimes animals have favorite humans.
We prefer to assume they love America all categorically, however similar to humans, they generally gravitate toward sure folks. this will even happen once our pups have 2 charmed pet parents!

Of course, some cases area unit a lot of extreme than others. If you wish to examine simply however crazy things will get, look into Oshie the retriever.

When daddy gets home, Oshie pops his head out from his sleeping spot by the couch.

He's gently excited and super happy to urge an honest scratch. Overall, though, he is pretty calm.

When mamma gets home, it is a all completely different story. Oshie offers to hold her purse, however that is not all!

Watch the whole daddy vs. mamma video below. a minimum of Oshie's honest!


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