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WASHINGTON : Juggalo nation meet Mr. Lincoln over 'gang' label

WASHINGTON - Juggalo nation, meet Mr. Lincoln.

Collecting around a set up before the Lincoln Memorial, a number of hundred Juggalos — fans of the Detroit-based hip-hop couple Insane Clown posse comitatus — clad Sabbatum to concentrate to music and produce attention to what they are saying may be a gang label from enforcement that has value a number of their face-painted friends and family their jobs and family.

"You cannot leave to malls (in face paint) ... you cannot leave showing that you simply ar a Juggalo," aforesaid Tyler Dulac, a 22-year-old from Mason, Mich. He aforesaid whereas he hasn't been targeted in person, he is aware of of a colleague UN agency was troubled publicly once he was in Juggalo apparel.

Other Juggalos (and Juggalettes) told stories of losing jobs, of being troubled by police, of being vulnerable with having their kids got rid of, all thanks to their musical preferences and face-painting.

 One girl from Manassas, Va., aforesaid she lost her job as a probation-parole officer "because of the sort of music I hear."
"If horrorcore is thus scarey, why is not writer King in jail?" Jessica Bonomettin asked from the stage before the reflective Pool because the event got current.

Shawn Rosen, 34, a Walmart worker in Apache Junction, Ariz., aforesaid he was visiting a good in American state some years past once a lawman force him aside and began search him for medication.

"I do not even ingest," Rosen aforesaid.

The Juggalos' issues stem from a 2011 report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that classified them as a "hybrid gang." Later gang threat assessments did not embody the label however the Juggalos say the injury was done. they have been attempting to force the Federal Bureau of Investigation to annul it in public since — and that is why they came to Washington on Sabbatum for a rally, march and concert to be capped off with a group tonight by ICP.

 "We want you and your voice to create certain that we have a tendency to shout higher than the chaos of this rip-roaring world and ar detected loudly and clearly as we have a tendency to deliver a message right into the nerve center of America that the Juggalo Family isn't a joke, punchline, or any variety of criminal organization," says the official web site for the march,

Juggalos rally, march in Washington over 'gang' label

Josh Metroff, a 30-year-old idle cook from Toledo, place it even a lot of simply: He hasn't been discriminated against himself however came as a result of, "I'm not a gang member."

Last year, a decide unemployed the Juggalo nation's case against the executive department however many members, together with the yankee Civil Liberties Union in Michigan, area unit appealing to the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in city. they are saying whereas Juggalos "express their shared identity by displaying distinctive tattoos, art, clothing" which "some paint their faces like clowns," their functions "do not embody partaking in criminal activity."

That's to not say Juggalos haven't been concerned in criminal acts. One in Wisconsin concerned a woman's finger being shredded off. Another concerned 2 men suspect of beating and stomping another man in Maryland. however the ACLU's argument says that any giant fan base goes to own variety of criminals in it. 

"(Like) different musical fan bases, the overwhelming majority of Juggalos don't have anything to try and do with criminal activity," the foremost recent official document aforementioned, "let alone social group."

The early crowd Saturday was obscurity close to the three,000 expected however it absolutely was possible a lot of would are available because the day continued . the group appeared aloof from dangerous, despite the verbalise of the speakers and therefore the hatchet-man symbols connected with the band.

Instead they musical "Family" and spoke concerning the support Juggalo nation affords its members. Some brought youngsters, and plenty of carried hand-painted signs together with Joshua golf player of Columbus, Ohio. His said, "Liking stinky music isn't a criminal offense."

Aleah golf player, 27, conjointly of Columbus, conjointly acknowledged that ICP fans recognize the violent lyrics of the songs aren't meant to be taken seriously which the music is "awful." She aforementioned it's meant to be taken satirically.

Palmer, United Nations agency works in kid protecting services, aforementioned it's "absolutely true" that if a case employee finds out a parent could be a Juggalo, it will finally end up as an element whether or not it's any connection or not. 

"We're loud, we're creaky, we're offensive. We own it," she said, adding that whereas several Juggalos come back from dysfunctional families, that — and therefore the bands they like — does not create them criminals.

Toni Shores, 25, of Newark, Del., brought associate American flag spray painted with the image of a contented, dreadlocked face, locution it absolutely was a tribute to a Juggalo friend United Nations agency was injured associated killed once he intervened in an attack on a girl and her kid.

She aforementioned a person from a neighboring rally for President Donald Trump grabbed it from her and he or she had to urge it back.

"He did not even raise why it absolutely was spray painted. He simply grabbed it," she said, adding that she and her family have conjointly been targeted by police.

Gary Duncan, 34, could be a salesperson born in Motor {city|Motown|city|metropolis|urban center|port} United Nations agency currently lives in Ocean City, Md. He aforementioned he is aware of those that are stopped and sought for having a hatchet man sticker on their automotive and "it's nothing however bother afterward."

"This gang label is incredibly unjust," he said. "There area unit sensible and dangerous folks (everywhere). ... These area unit the folks everybody likes to hate? Why? we tend to are not racists. we tend to are not bigots. we tend to are not girls beaters. that is not what we're concerning."

ICP's duo, Joseph (Violent J) Bruce and Joseph (Shaggy a pair of Dope) Utsler area unit set to talk shortly at 3:50 p.m. so shut out the day with a performance close to the memorial starting around nine p.m.


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